Our renowned Fall Musical Theatre Intensive at ATC is thrilled to announce our Fall Musical Theatre Intensive production of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.

The Chicago Tribune calls The Lightning Thief a winning adaptation with “one foot in Harry Potter and the other in Dear Evan Hansen.” This intensive is designed for comprehensive training bridging the gap between professional and educational theatre.

About MTI

This fall, our team will be bringing you the wonderful world of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical! This intensive program is designed for comprehensive training bridging the gap between professional and educational theatre.

Students work alongside Chicago’s finest musical theatre professionals, experience special industry guest workshops and coachings in addition to being part of full production. This production specifically builds foundation pop rock singing technique and stage combat to create an electrifying final performance all ages can enjoy.


Wednesday, September 7th


Cast Welcome and Info Session

Sunday, September 11th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, September 18th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, September 25th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, October 2nd

10am – 2pm

Sunday, October 9th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, October 16th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, October 23rd

10am – 2pm

Sunday, October 30th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, November 6th

10am – 2pm

Saturday November 12th

11am – 1:30pm

Special Guest Masterclass!

Sunday, November 13th

10am – 2pm

Sunday, November 20th

9am – 2pm

Sunday, November 27th


Sunday, December 4th

9am – 3pm

Tech Week: 

December 5th – 9th  // 4PM – 9PM

Music Institute of Chicago – Evanston

Puth Family Theatre – 1702 Sherman Ave

Performance Dates: 

Friday, December 9th at 7pm

Saturday, December 10th at 1pm and 5pm

About The Lighting Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is the “thoroughly endearing family-friendly musical” (Charles Isherwood, Broadway News) with “one foot in Harry Potter and another in Dear Evan Hansen” (Chicago Tribune) this “winning adaptation” (Hollywood Reporter) of Rick Riordan’s bestselling Disney-Hyperion novel is “compelling for fans and new audiences alike!” (TheaterMania) Charles Isherwood raved that “The Lightning Thief could be called Hadestown for kids!” (Broadway News)

As a son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson has newly discovered powers he can’t control, monsters on his trail, and is on a quest to find Zeus’ lightning bolt to prevent a war between the Greek gods. Featuring a thrilling original rock score, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical has fans of all ages “cheering like the ball is being dropped on New Year’s Eve!” (New York Magazine) After all, in this “action-packed, mythical adventure,” (City Dads Group) “Percy Jackson is a rock star!” (NY Daily News)”.

Casting/Character Breakdown

Cast Size: 13 to 22 Performers

PERCY JACKSON (He/Him) – Son of Poseidon. A kid with a tough exterior but a sensitive heart who spent his whole life defending himself. Fueled by impulse, he must now own his power and go on the offensive to save his mother, the most important thing. Strong pop-rock tenor.

ANNABETH CHASE (She/Her) – Daughter of Athena. Overqualified but unseen. She is over being invisible. Learning to live unapologetically in her brilliance, she is unwilling to hide her black girl magic. She got it from her mama. Embracing the hyper-visibility inherent in her identity with expressive hair that will never fit under a hat. Strong pop-rock mix/belt. 

GROVER UNDERWOOD (Gender Fluid Role–could be he/she/they depending on casting) – A soft spirit and half satyr. Intuitive and sensitive. Keeping the group motivated and driving forward, they take the responsibility of friendship very seriously. Their empathy and humor disguise the fact that they are working through deep guilt and shame from the past. Hoping to be seen as worthy. On their journey, they discover they are enough. Strong folk-pop voice. 

D, aka DIONYSUS (She/Her) – God of wine, snarky camp director.

LUKE (He/Him) – Son of Hermes and one of Percy’s first friends at camp. He helps Percy come to terms with finding out that he’s a demigod and provides advice when the gods give Percy his quest. Strong pop-rock tenor. 

SALLY JACKSON (She/Her) – Percy’s hard-working mom. Sally has raised Percy on her own, and would do anything to protect her son. Must have a warm and rich vocal quality. 

CLARISSE (She/Her) – The daughter of Ares. Competitive and tough-as-nails, she’s known for her prickly demeanor and battle skills in capture the flag. Strong pop-rock mix/belt.

BRUNNER, aka CHIRON (He/Him)  – Percy’s kind, but stern, Latin teacher. He expects the best out of his students, especially Percy. Also happens to be a centaur.


GABE UGLIANO – Percy’s foul stepfather.

ARES – God of war, a rock star in leather pants.

MRS. DODDS – A Fury posing as a substitute algebra teacher.

KATIE GARDNER – Daughter of Demeter.

THALIA – Daughter of Zeus, tough.

SILENA BEAUREGARD – Daughter of Aphrodite.

THE ORACLE – A hippie mummy.

ECHIDNA – Mother of monsters.

CHARON – Ferry Person to the Underworld.

POSEIDON – Percy’s dad, the sea god Poseidon. Bit of a beach bum, hasn’t been a present father for Percy. 

HADES – Poseidon’s brother, the god of the Underworld. 

AUNTY EM, aka MEDUSA – Avid sculptor.

BIANCA – A mysterious girl in 1930’s clothes.

MINOTAUR – Half-man, half-bull.

KRONOS – A voice in a pit.