In addition to continuing our partnership with Embarc Chicago, a non-profit organization that helped us reach 296 students in 2023,  our ATC Summer in the City Program is back! During this 4-Day workshop at Green Shirt Studio in Chicago’s North Center Neighborhood, CPS high school students will be engaged in a series of exercises and experiences designed to amplify their curiosity about a career in the performing arts. If you are a Chicago high school student (age 15-18) interested in participating in this program, please fill out our application by May 15, 2024.

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We are also pleased to announce that the Actors Training Center is coming to schools!  In an effort to offer more free arts education, ATC is now expanding its outreach initiatives to include FREE in-school acting workshops.  Whether you have a established high school theatre department, or if you have an afterschool or community program in need of more art’s enrichment, let ATC help fill in the gaps. 

Our workshops include:

Intro to On-Camera Acting

Students will learn basic on-camera acting skills and a technical vocabulary that will provide a foundational understanding of how to act and “just be” in front of the camera.

Emotions and Actions of the Character 

At ATC, we believe that acting starts with just being. But how do you bring your own emotions and experiences to a character in a way that is uniquely you?  In this workshop, students will experience “action-based” acting exercises that activate their emotions in a safe and fun way that can allow for a deepr understanding of a character. 

Exploring the Physical Life of the Character

Sometimes the best approach (and the most fun way!) to gain insights into a character is to approach your character from “outside to in.” In this exploration, students will investigate a character through gesture, motion, and space; interacting with each other and the environment in order to deepen their understanding on character building. 

Storytelling through Movement

This workshop teaches students that there is more to acting and storytelling than just saying the lines on the page.  Through ensemble-based activities, students will collaborate with each other to tell a story from beginning to end using only their imaginations and bodies in space. 

For more information on how to set up your workshop appointment of if you have any other questions about what we do at ATC, please contact us at or complete our in-school workshop application to get started today. 

If you would like to make a donation to help support any of these amazing outreach programs, please see our Support page. Thank you!