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ATC is also able to provide scholarship opportunities for Embarc students who show a true interest in continuing their acting training.

Want to learn more or get involved? Reach out to us at programs@actorstrainingcenter.com.

Embarc’s goal is to drive student success with long-term social and cultural exposure. Through the transformative power of these journeys, the goal is to awaken students to the possibilities of their potential by dissolving the borders of the city and in their minds. This is done through a three-year, three-level approach that supplies students with myriad positive models of success.

By journeying out of their neighborhoods to directly engage with the cultural and commercial worlds in the city of Chicago, Embarc lays out the practical steps necessary for students to move towards their dreams.

ATC hosts Embarc students once a month for On-Camera Journeys. Students get to experience what it’s like to see and hear themselves on screen. They learn about many of the different aspects that go into auditioning for and shooting a commercial, television show, or movie