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Designed in 2004 by ATC Founder/Executive Director, Carole Dibo, PSI is built to help high school students get inside the business with a curriculum that pushes them to an industry level of professionalism. This program ends in a showcase for family, friends and invited Chicago professionals!


*By audition only — email for information on how to submit (please include a headshot/resume if you have one).*

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About PSI

Students in the Professional Summer Intensive will train in multiple fields, following a curriculum that pushes them to level of professionalism that is expected of today’s working industry actors.

PSI will cover: Monologue interpretation, scene study, accents & dialects, on-camera technique, & more.  As part of their professional preparation, this intensive also includes a session with a top headshot photographer.

Students conclude the 2-weeks in a filmed showcase for family, friends and invited Chicago professionals.

Admittance into this program is by audition only — email for audition details (please include a headshot/resume).

The Inside Word

“They pack a lot into two weeks and they are the most helpful, critical things a young actor needs or might want to know. And they are all things we, as parents, didn’t have a drop of experience in or know where to begin to help her.”

– Aileen Cruz, PSI 2021 Parent

“Professional Summer Intensive was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to work with industry professionals, meet lifelong friends, and take some huge steps as an actor. It was an unforgettable two weeks.”

– Orlagh Reardon, PSI 2021 Student​

“At PSI our daughter received unparalleled and professional instruction that led to her signing with an agent and kicking off her acting career. Everything about ATC and PSI was top notch from the instruction, to the detailed curriculum, to the headshot photography and of course the phenomenal administrative team.”

– Erika Rossa, PSI 2021 Parent​

“It is the best training and the most fun! I learned so much and got incredibly close with all of my peers. I will always look back on my PSI experience and remember how amazing it was.”

– Anonymous, PSI 2019 Student​

“Thank you for training these kids so that they believe in themselves and take their own work and their own training seriously. [PSI is] such a gift to give them. Here’s to the future!”

– Kate, PSI 2018 Parent​

“Everyday I looked forward to PSI. The classes were incredible, the teachers were amazing, and the students welcoming.”

– Holden, PSI 2016 Student​