Tips for Nailing Your College Pre-Screen Audition

Our College Audition Clinic students have been diligently preparing for their pre-screen filming this October. For nearly two months, students have been intensively training monologues, song cuts, and materials that will represent them to colleges across the nation. Alongside prepping their audition materials, students had a professional headshot session with the talented Jennifer Heim Photography

Thank you for your support, guidance, and expertise over the course of the pre-screen recording process. I’m so grateful we found you and ATC. With your help, my daughter has put together the prescreens she needs to start this crazy musical theater application process.” – CAC Parent ‘23-24

Here are some of ATC’s Top Tips for Nailing Your College Pre-Screen Auditions!

  • Arrive at your taping after a good night’s sleep, staying hydrated, and ready to perform!
  • Have a slate “cheat sheet” with all of your slates written out in one place for ease during filming.
  • Create a master shot list with the requirements for each of your schools, checking off as you go to ensure you aren’t missing any essential shots. 
  • Select a wardrobe that reflects your personal style that still looks good on camera. We recommend avoiding overly patterned or logoed clothing. 
  • Have a strong eye line so that you are directing your monologue to another character! We recommend using another person or a sticky note behind the camera, to the side.
  • Plan your look head to toe – many colleges will ask to see a full body shot!
  • Treat the audition as you would a real performance, whether it be onstage or onscreen. 
  • Time your pieces before you get to your filming session, ensuring that you have memorized your cuts to stay within the time limits.
  • Organize which tapes go to which schools and label them accordingly.

“I just recently graduated from my dream school with ATC’s help and support. Throughout the journey, I always felt prepared on my pre-screens and audition material from the guidance I received with this program.” – CAC Alumni, Emerson University BFA Acting Class of ‘23

College audition season feels stressful to everyone, and pre-screen auditions are no exception. But by following the ATC tips above, taking care of yourself during the entire audition process and making sure you put your best foot forward can make a world of difference. If you are a student or parent interested in learning more about our College Audition Clinic, click the link to our website for more information and be sure to check out our other awesome year-round classes for all ages!